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Child Support And Child Custody In Wisconsin

At The Law Office of Mark E. Sostarich, located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, I provide experienced representation to mothers and fathers who need help dealing with child custody placement and child support issues during the divorce process. I also offer help to parents who have completed the divorce process, yet must petition the court for post-divorce modifications to their custody placement or support orders.

Child Support And Child Custody Representation

Under Wisconsin family law, child custody means a parent’s ability to make decisions about a child’s life, including choice of religion, medical decisions, decisions about school and other important aspects of a child’s upbringing. By law, courts are required to presume that custody is held jointly by both parents until decided otherwise.

Courts will carefully consider a family’s specific circumstances and award custody and placement based upon what is in the best interests of a child. Most of the time this involves joint custody agreements, where neither a mother’s nor a father’s interests are superior to the other. Occasionally, however, the court may determine that one parent should have sole custody, leaving important decisions to that parent’s sole discretion.

Criteria that the Court will use to help determine the appropriate custody arrangement include:

  • The preference of the child (assuming proper age)
  • The mental and physical health of the parents and child
  • The relationships the child has with his or her parents and siblings
  • Evidence of past physical or mental abuse
  • Evidence of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Other factors unique to a family’s situation

In addition to determining child custody, the Court will analyze whether child support payments are necessary – these payments typically correspond to a child’s placement (where he or she resides and sleeps at night). If the child spends more than 75% of his or her time at one parent’s residence, then the parent who has placement less than 25% of the time usually pays a percentage of his or her income in the form of child support. The typical amount awarded is 17% of a parent’s income, yet this varies based upon income level and other case-specific circumstances.

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