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If you are involved in a divorce, custody, placement or other family law dispute, whether as a party or as counsel, The Law Office of Mark E. Sostarich can provide the trial experience you need. Though we represent many clients who come directly to us, we frequently act as the trial attorney for other lawyers whose practice does not often take them into the courtroom.

Divorce May Seem Like The End; We Will Help You To A New Beginning

Contact us online today to schedule a free initial meeting to determine whether we can be of assistance. You may also call our office at 800-837-6956, or you may reach attorney at home at 414-762-3374.

Divorce And Child Custody Representation: Serving Wisconsin

At The Law Office of Mark E. Sostarich, we litigate all matters related to family law, including divorce, legal separation, child custody and placement, paternity, child support maintenance and disputes with Child Protective Services, including contacts with police and other law enforcement officers. If you have a complex marital estate, a business partnership with your spouse or considerable nonmarital property, we can discuss an approach that will protect your interests. If you or your client has an interest in a closely held corporation or similar family business, we can help the court understand the true value of the business.

We aggressively represent men and women throughout Wisconsin who seek an equitable divorce and shared responsibility and access to their children. Though we will explore settlement when it is in our client’s best interests, we have over three decades of experience with trials with a long record of success.

Personal Service Throughout Your Case

At our offices, we are aggressive yet compassionate. If you hire us, we will be personally involved in your case from the time we meet you until final resolution of your matter. We understand the emotional and financial stress of divorce and child custody disputes. We will work closely with you and the court-appointed guardian ad litem to always consider what is best for your children while protecting your interests.

We are routinely involved in post-divorce matters. Whether you need assistance in collecting child support, need to enforce the terms of a judgment or order, or need to request a modification of your judgment, we have the experience and skills to assist you. We appear regularly before court commissioners and judges in the family divisions of Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Dane, Jefferson and Walworth counties. We know the local practices of these courts and are well known by the judges and court commissioners. We travel throughout the state to other courts if needed.

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At The Law Office of Mark E. Sostarich, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, we offer experienced legal counsel to clients throughout Wisconsin.

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